Monday, 20 August 2012

Calendar girl

Well here we are half way through August, which is very special as I have just fulfilled my life long dream of becoming a calendar girl...cringe.... bring on September so I don't have to keep staring at myself.  Ben looks bloody massive and I have made fashion faux pas of the century wearing baseball cap and beads. We had no idea this picture would end up in  the calender of YP AG the company we buy our chemical through, what a laugh.

Over the last week we have had 24mm of rain which we are very excited about, the crops were starting to really need it.
We are putting out fungicides at the moment on Barley and just about to start the wheat. The Barley is showing signs of spot form net blotch and has been getting sprayed with Amistar Xtra and also we have found stripe rust in the Gladius wheat so that is being sprayed with Opus (Epoxiconazole).

Ben and Steve discussing one of our wheat paddocks, this was the first wheat  sown
and looks magnificent at this stage. Our other paddocks of wheat were actually sown 11 days later. In hindsight we probably could of sown a few more paddocks before we stopped sowing and waited for rain.  

The Peas and Canola are growing well. The canola will be in full flower in a couple of weeks, unfortunately the hill that has struggled for cover because of the summer fire has come to nothing, but at least seems reasonably stable from drift at the moment.

We have been having a massive bin yard tidy up, and last week the scrap man came and removed 7 old chassis bins. Unfortunately his excavator fell apart during the bin bashing and crushing process so he will be back in a few weeks to finish the job. He also pulled out our old sheep yards, ramp and spray dip that's Ben's dad John built over 40 years ago. We now have lots of empty space that we are not quite sure what to do with. Hopefully we get a big cheque at the end of it.

Any Bin marked with an X has had its day on this farm
 The kids posing for one last photograph before the old ramp was taken away

I just thought I would finish with this photo. One of our favourite things to do, Ben and the kids watching the sun going down over the paddocks


  1. Good work Katie, love the photo at the bottom cheers Honk

    1. Thanks Honk, its great to get some positive feedback

  2. Your Photography - as always - is stunning! Great way to start the morning having my cuppa & reading your blog :)

  3. Hi Katie, love the photo of Ben and the kids. What a beautiful thing to do together.
    Love the calendar shot and the fashion faux pas.