Tuesday, 8 May 2012

2011 season in a nutshell......

Last year we had one of our best seasons to date, the rain came when we needed it, diseases in the crops were not to bad as the spring was reasonably dry.
Early forward contracts on Wheat and Canola that we took out back in  Dec 2010-Febuary 2011 helped raise the average prices.
Mouse numbers were in Plague proportions and we spent over  $20,000 alone on mouse bait ( $23 per Ha ) but I'm glad we did!.
 Snails were terrible in our pea crop, which to add insult to injury then got descimated in a hail storm just before harvest.
Lightning strike hit one of the worst sandiest hills on the farm just after harvest, and burnt about 20 Ha of stubble, which has since drifted and drifted all summer.
Out of  36 loads of Malt Barley delivered to the Silos, only 3 went Malt grade because protein was too low, never mind the price differential was only $10
There's plenty more, but all in all a great year

Here are a few images to wrap up 2011......

Our new truck bogged in sand for the first time, but not the last
 I'm sure!!

Mouse digging down and eating the wheat seed
2  days after it was sown

Everything on this farm has to earn its keep!!
our best tractor the 9G
walking a long way out to see Dad @ harvest

Chuffed with new signwriting on the truck
Snail damage to pea pod @ harvest

Good to see the mouseoff working

Everyone out checking early canola for insects

From little things big things grow, the same paddock 2
 months later

The Pyros, My Dad really happy to create his
 first cloud,   Burning wheat stubble

The area burnt out by the lightning strike

Crop checks by horse back

Did I mention that Ben sprayed the paddocks a few times
Liquid nitrogen spraying

Our friend Danny taking a photo of the Canola,
 while spreading mousebait by air for us
Reaping Lentils, with the chaff cart on

I hate this job, spraying fencelines,
somebodies got to do it
Indy with her pack lunch getting ready to sow with Dad

Oooops this was so Ben's fault!!!!
this is what happens when the bottom access hole isn't shut

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