Friday, 25 May 2012

and the rains came....

Well we wanted rain and we certainly got it, we started seeding again on Monday the 21st May, in anticipation of the rain coming mid week. Since Thursday we have had 42mm which is great. We are now exactly half way through seeding. We have all the JNZ wheat in and two more Gladius wheat paddocks to sow and then we will move onto barley.

Rain coming rolling in, we were trying to get the seeder filled as quickly as possible before the rain came

We are stopped again at the moment as it is too wet now, we would get the trucks bogged in the paddocks if we were to try and move them. Only a few minor electrical faults on the seeder to contend with so far, which isn't bad.

It is so good to be sowing without dust everywhere, I love when the soil is turned over and looks dark for a change, making new patterns in the landscape, the colours always look great when there is a dark sky but the sun shines through.

Looking her best for sitting on the tractor

Ive had my little helper Indy out with me this week when she is not at Kindy, she can tolerate a couple of hours at a time, we like to sing and have the radio up full blast. Seeding and Harvest are actually about the only time of the year when I actually catch up with all the current affairs and news as we are listening to the radio all day.

JNZ wheat up and away, although it is an older variety it is a consistent performer for us, so definitely not ready to throw it away yet

Also this week we wiped our hands clean of last years crop and sold the last lot of Nipper lentils this week for $500 per tonne. Time will tell I suppose if it was the right thing to do, although the price did drop $15 after we sold them, so obviously we swamped the market !!!

I also I thought that there was a good opportunity at the end of last week for doing Canola and wheat swaps for this coming harvest. We have already signed up some Canola for this year at a good price but we are nervous about signing up anymore physical until it is well and truly up and out the ground. We decided on Canola as it had reached $567 for January 13 swaps, only to find out that we did not actually have a facility in place for Canola swaps only wheat, Doh!!!!!, hopefully it was a blessing in disguise.
We were told it may take up to two weeks to get the facility in place, oh well we live and learn!

Hopefully get started again tomorrow morning, when it dries out a little.

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